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About the Elections

On October 12-14, student voters will decide who will represent them in Student Council. The election is conducted electronically using an online ballot.

  • Student Council 4 seats

    Student Council is ASM's legislative body and serves as the official student voice on any important issues which affect UW students. In the fall, students who are registered and classified as freshmen or first year students with the University Registrar are eligible to run for and vote for the four Freshman Student Council seats. Other students at UW Madison are eligible to vote for student council representatives if there are openings in their school or college (i.e. students in the School of Business vote for business representatives while students in the School of Letters & Science vote for L&S representatives). This fall the following seats will be on the ballot: First Year Student/Freshman (4).

About the Matrix

This candidate matrix is intended to give students as much information as possible about candidates running in the election. The first edition was created for Spring 2008 elections, and it has been available for each election since.

  • For Students

    You can view candidates' statements by choosing a ballot using the selector in the top right. This will pull up a table showing four candidates at a time. You can see the information on a single page by clicking a candidate's picture.

  • For Press

    The data in this matrix is public information and you have permission to use it in news articles, feature stories, and opinion pieces. (In fact, we encourage you to do so.) You may also use the images on this site in print and web publications.

About the Associated Students of Madison

ASM is the official student government of the University of Wisconsin and advocates for student issues and concerns at the campus, state, and national levels. Even if you're not running in the election, you can still get involved in ASM through volunteer opportunities, internships, (appointed) official positions, and staff employment. Learn more about us by visiting our website.

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